Saturday, September 25, 2010

Memoirs Of A Pizza Boy

"What? You're late! Again!”, comes the strikingly familiar remark. "Let him be, daddy!”, says the innocent, little girl, standing behind her overbearing father.  What sweet words! If only adults could see what a child does, the world would be a much better..." Oi! I won't wait all day!".
As a child, like every other in my neighbourhood, I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up. The thought of flying stirred in me dichotomous emotions - a mixture of terror and excitement. My room walls were decorated with window-sized posters of Boeings and Mikoyan Gurevichs. Occasionally one faced, with apprehension, mother's scathe, over trying to conquer the world with body-art.
Presently, I work at Domino's Pizza, Greater Kailash II. My days start at 6 PM. What discerns me from the crowd is my never-say-die attitude - and of course, my "haute" delivery scooter. I like to believe that my job is a very important one - Satisfying a man's hunger is no easy task! My friends lovingly call me, “The Pizza Boy", a contemporary superhero who can get to anywhere in less than thirty minutes! Conditions apply!
I lead a pretty ascetic life - resisting the “darkest” of temptations when being surrounded by it at all times! Discipline is an integral quality. To let you in on a secret, I always carry packets of chilli flakes with me. It saves me from angry customers and managerial tirades.
Honest to truth - ever since i was adorned "Pizza Boy", life has never been the same. Certainly, there are bad days - and then there are worse ones, but whenever there's something missing in life, why not just garner it with those wonderful extra toppings life has to offer, and relish it's every "slice" ?
My life as a Pizza Boy may not boast of high-paying corporate comforts, but it certainly has that extra "sprinkling" of joy! Now where's that ketchup!

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