Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Drop That Fell - A Tale Of Love

“What if there is nothing down there? What if I never return?" said the droplet to the Cloud, a hint of sadness in his voice.
“Do not worry, Beloved One! Remember, I am always watching You. You are but a part of Me!”Peculiar words they were.
The Cloud had always been big. As far as the tiny drop knew, he had no beginning and no end. He was strange, in a way that he couldn't understand.  But the Cloud was all the droplet had ever had. It had been one moonlit night that he had first opened his eyes. Ever since, the cloud was  All he had and All he ever knew. It was another dark, moonlit night, the wind humming silently a song, whispering her secrets to those who listened, when the Cloud asked the drop to leave, quoting  words like "destiny" and "fulfillment", telling him that he ought to find his Purpose, to know Who He Truly Is.
"But what if I fall and get hurt?", murmured the tiny soul, taking silent gulps of air, with even tinier droplets falling from his sad blue eyes. The Cloud,  holding back a smile, swept his loving hands over the his tiny forehead, speaking words that the droplet could not hear, through his silent caresses. Alas, the moment came, and it seemed as if time were slowed down, as the droplet took the plunge into the Unknown, the Unexplored. Looking back that second, he felt the Cloud's gaze piercing his very soul, and found a sense of strength overcome his heart. The Cloud then disappeared, as the droplet fell - tears in his eyes, joy in his heart.
The Cloud was big and strange, but he also loved the droplet dearly. Not long ago had he sent him, and yet here he was, worrying about his safety. Since the droplet had left, not a moment passed without the Cloud remembering him. The Sky often joked that the Cloud's heart had left him for his beloved droplet!
One fine day, the Sun shining crisply o'er the crimson Sky, the Cloud engaged in a mist of thoughts, he heard a familiar voice call out. "O' Cloud! 'Tis me, the drop that fell!” said a strong, belligerent voice. For so long, he had dreamt of this day, and so suddenly had it crept upon him! "O' Cloud! ’Tis me, the drop that fell!” repeated the droplet's voice. On first glance, the Cloud failed to reckon him. Here was a proud, swelled-up drop, giving off an aura of Superiority. Where was his Beloved little One? "O' Cloud! Look at me! I am stronger even than you!" said the droplet, his voice familiar to the one he had known.
"When I fell, I landed on the Sea, who took me in, gave me shelter, and taught me all I know. He is the biggest in the world, and has no beginning or end. He is the King of Kings! He took me in, and I became a part of him. Now, I too am the King above all Kings!" cited the tiny thing.  The drop returned to his Sea, looking back to witness only the shadow of his past.
"How dare that drop!" cried the Sun, now hotter and brighter, his colour the most crimson red.  "Yes, how dare he!" shrieked the Sky, his usual sea-blue colour now a fusion of a fiery red and orange.
"I shall incense him and that Sea of his!","I shall summon the winds and cut him in half!" they cried. "Silence! You will do nothing! He is who he was destined to be, and none will touch him!" said the Cloud, angry with them for being angry with the drop. The Sun ,however, in his intense fury, grew hotter, blinding the Sky with his light. Down under, the Earth grew warmer as a slew of wind currents began to circulate wildly. The Sea started to rise, dissipating drop by drop, the tiny droplet amongst them.
Seeing so, the cloud summoned every ounce of his strength to save his Little One. Absorbing all the Sun's heat within, the Cloud,  now a pool white, evanescent mist, slowly started to fade away. As the Sun began to cool, moment by moment, the Cloud, consuming all the Sun's fury, finally disappeared into the depths of space-time.
The Sea was blue again, the Sun a ball of golden light, and the Sky a palette of colours. But the droplet found something missing deep within the trenches of his tiny heart. As the sky came down with a drizzle, the tiny droplet looking up, shivering in the cold that had descended, found nothing but an empty blanket of darkness. Steadily, truth dawned like the light-ray that seemed missing. A single tear rolled down from the corner of his eye, mingling together with  the others, like dust with dust. He was the drop that fell. Memories flashed by in a blink, and a rush of emotions overcame him, as a string of words emerged -
"In his eyes, I see His love,
 Like Drops of Grace, they fall on me,
 As the Ocean that surmises every tiny drop,
 He gives Me all He has."

Memoirs Of A Pizza Boy

"What? You're late! Again!”, comes the strikingly familiar remark. "Let him be, daddy!”, says the innocent, little girl, standing behind her overbearing father.  What sweet words! If only adults could see what a child does, the world would be a much better..." Oi! I won't wait all day!".
As a child, like every other in my neighbourhood, I wanted to be a pilot when I grew up. The thought of flying stirred in me dichotomous emotions - a mixture of terror and excitement. My room walls were decorated with window-sized posters of Boeings and Mikoyan Gurevichs. Occasionally one faced, with apprehension, mother's scathe, over trying to conquer the world with body-art.
Presently, I work at Domino's Pizza, Greater Kailash II. My days start at 6 PM. What discerns me from the crowd is my never-say-die attitude - and of course, my "haute" delivery scooter. I like to believe that my job is a very important one - Satisfying a man's hunger is no easy task! My friends lovingly call me, “The Pizza Boy", a contemporary superhero who can get to anywhere in less than thirty minutes! Conditions apply!
I lead a pretty ascetic life - resisting the “darkest” of temptations when being surrounded by it at all times! Discipline is an integral quality. To let you in on a secret, I always carry packets of chilli flakes with me. It saves me from angry customers and managerial tirades.
Honest to truth - ever since i was adorned "Pizza Boy", life has never been the same. Certainly, there are bad days - and then there are worse ones, but whenever there's something missing in life, why not just garner it with those wonderful extra toppings life has to offer, and relish it's every "slice" ?
My life as a Pizza Boy may not boast of high-paying corporate comforts, but it certainly has that extra "sprinkling" of joy! Now where's that ketchup!

Recipe Of Finding True Happiness

1. Take a Base made of Humility
2. Spread Honesty, integrity and a mild layer of frankness
3. Add to it, toppings of Kindness and Satisfaction
4. Garnish with the chef’s favourite, Sauce De Positivity.
5. Sprinkle 3 teaspoons of joy, one for every time you felt lonely or sad
7. Add 2 mouthfuls of laughter
6. Season with “charm” and some “charisma” to taste

Your recipe is now ready to make you eternally happy!