Friday, June 25, 2010

How Do I Give It Back To You

Received 1st Prize in Kaavyalaya, an inter-college Poetry Contest at Literati 2010, literary fest of IIT Delhi.

What can a son give the mother,
What can a seed give to the earth,
Be a part of Me,the Ocean says,
And the teardrop becomes a pearl.
Closer than the sunlight, farther than the Sun,
Beyond light and darkness, may the Two become One.
Like a child i chase the butterfly, fearing it may escape,
With love, You hold my hand, piercing the illusory veil.
Like an Artist, You create on the canvas of the world,
The humble grass green, the sky blue.
You colour, fill the Rose with fragrance,
How can i give it back to You?
Mad heart, be still, i cannot hear Him call out my name,
The nightingale she sings the melody,not caring that listens.
Like a kite i fly in the open skies, the string is in Your hands,
A water crystal in the Sea am i, a tiny grain of sand.
You lit the lamp and hid behind, 'Tis You, 'Tis You, i seek,
Like the flame that burns the candle itself,
Consume me, O' Divinity.
The wind, she hums silently, in the dark of the moonlit night,
As i walk by the ocean shore, with love, i set love alight.


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  2. One of the rare pieces of poetry that had form and yet was abstract, genuinity as well as ingenuity..(note the clever use of the totally unrelated words, thank you.. :P)
    You keep amazing me brother. Well done.

  3. marvellous is the only word i would say to decribe it...keep it up bro...:)

  4. i love "closer than the sunlight, farther than the sun...." well said..:)


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