Thursday, April 28, 2011


This one's dedicated to the two Priyas in my life! A take on the life of a Roommate in a hostel at IIT.


I have spent my first year at college staying in B-13, a 10x8 room with two other roommates or 'roomies', both of whom, coincidentally, are named Priya Ranjan. Following is an effort to understand myself through their perspective. The situation is where two roommates are talking about their fellow roomie, discussing who to room with in the Second Year, caught in the process.

Note from the author: This is a work of fiction. Classically, the term is pseudo-biographical. I call it wishful thinking. * sticks tongue out to imitate the All-pervading smiley ' :P ' *

"O' Priya", said one,
"Yes, Priya?", he said,
"He argues over things
like who sleeps on the corner bed!"
"He takes both them cupboards!"
"He sleeps, so late!"
"He dances all night and then wakes up at eight!"
"But rarely!" exclaimed,
I was outside the door,
Shush. Silence? I was caught now, for sure!
"He goes home on weekends",
A sigh of relief.
"He has three-three girlfriends!"
I hear, disbelief!
"Some say, he's a gora!"
"His laptop's a piece!"
"Wears polka-dot undies..."
War! Treachery!
"He does?", doubts Priya,
"A pair of Jimmy Choo's!"
"And three colored towels!"
Then Giggle, the girls!
"O' Priya"
"Yes Priya?"
"Which roommate'd he chose?
- The nine point FAC Rep or mini BSW?"
"One runs home on weekends!"
"The other sleeps late!"
"Pity him, there's only one roommate to take!"
"O' Priya"
"Yes Priya?"
"I too have to room!"
"To find a good partner,
A man who supports -
My ping-pong excursions,
The Java recursions,
My R^2 adventures - "
"My yawns!" "And my snores!"
"The popcorn with movies!"
"And late-night jujubes!"
"Who wakes me for quizzes!"
" 'Tis you, 'Tis You!"

"O' Priyas!"
""Yes, Priya?"
and turn, the brides
Let's dirty our hands, Its been a while!

Thus Priya, wed Priya,
I smiled by the door,
My laptop's a piece, yes
And my undies checkered