Friday, June 25, 2010

A Story

Each day, as the first ray of sunlight, piercing the transient clouds of darkness, embraces the earth with a father-like warmth, and the mother sparrow,
puffing, fluttering her wings, leaps out into the world to return to the call of her young ones, there comes but a magical moment. As the morning breeze makes her
way through the joyous gardens that brim with life, she drops in the hands of each one, a glittering pearl.
It is the gift of life - a new dawn, a new breathe, the power to wield one's destiny oneself.
But as the day moves on mechanically, dusk approaches, and as the sun fades away into a speck of stardust, it takes with it all the pearls that lay
unnoticed in our tiny hands.
It is said, life is worthless without a purpose,a vision,or as many self-help authors would suggest, the end in mind.
Just like a footballer(soccer player for some!) who with an undeterred vision - to see that ball soar,leap and enter that goalpost! - carries the ball along, dribbling past opponents, cutting and kicking the ball just when the hot rush of foreign air(and shouts of fellow kinmen!) intuitively tells him that the Other Side approaches! And thud! The crowd jumps as the ball swishes past the hands of the keeper to enter the goalpost. Just like him, we too, as beings of life, envision our aim and end, to dribble past that neckbreaker, to cut across that cloud of depression, to trick the mist of fate that follows us, and finally land the ball in the hole, and reach there,where we belong.
In that pursuit, i walk, and don't we all? Towards true happiness and fulfillment,i move, as don't we all? Forward,forward, i stread. Don't we all?
It's strange how success rewards you in such a simple manner.
For the past one year, i had been preparing for the much-hyped IIT-JEE 2010. For those who know little, it's a 6-hour gruesome exam session meant to test the aptitude and skill of high school graduates, to allow them to enter the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology(IITs). I had never really seen myself as much of an engineer, however, having chosen science, i discovered,in this last year, an attachment to physics. But that is besides the point.
On 26th may, i learnt, rather witnessed, myself as being one of the lucky 10,000 or so people who managed to crack the exam. My rank was an all-india 1420, pretty good,it seems. Since then, rather, since the day i gave IIT-JEE, a void filled my life, an empty space, which in retrospect, seems to be the lack of a purpose. My life needs a direction, as does yours, or anyone else's. I cannot live alone, and lead a life of misery,without meaning, which seems, is not how nature meant us to be.
I have since come to try this new experiment - to slowly recede,mentally, from all state of affairs, and second by second, move out, to be a witness to everything around me. Slowly, you move out of your little world,to see how the world really is.The room vanishes and empty space emerges, and earth seems to look like a dot on an endless canvas.The universe is so big, one feels so little,yet so much.

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  1. Ah brother, I like the direction you are giving your life. For we all retrospect, almost all the time, yet to be bold enough to pen down the endless voyage of our thoughts is a step not many dare to take.
    So, Kudos to that. And waiting for more.


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